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Do You Need a New Roof Installed On Your Midland, TX Home?

Quality customer service, high-quality materials, and experience are what we're all about at LG Roofing and Contracting. We specialize in roof installation work that includes shingle roofs as well as re-roofs on existing properties. We have a team dedicated to honesty, integrity, and expertise—each project they do the job right for you the first time. There's no better choice than our company for your Midland, TX roofing projects!

When you think of your home, do you ever wonder what protects it from the outside elements? Your roof. This first line of defense against everything Mother Nature throws at us can either make or break how well we're protected inside our homes. That's why when a person has an issue with their roof and its structure, they need to call LG Roofing Contractors! We've seen roofing systems go wrong due to improper installation by other contractors in the area, which results in severe damage on every level. But our customers know better than this. At LG Roofing and Contracting, homeowners throughout Midland, Odessa Big Springs & Snyder depend on our expertise for all things related to residential roofing.


Are you looking for an affordable option to repair your roof? Just call 432-599-3414, and our friendly staff will come out, offer a free estimate, answer any questions or concerns.

Now it’s time to decide on your roofing material

With a wide range of roofing materials to choose from, it can be tough deciding on the best one for your home. Have you considered asphalt shingles? Popular among homeowners and builders alike because it's relatively inexpensive while being durable enough for almost any climate or weather condition, this type is environmentally friendly!

Slate and Tile roofing materials are more costly roofing options, but they're also very durable. They provide resistance to fire as well as water-related issues. Additionally, we offer Flat Roof solutions for your home or business, providing easy access to your roof and HVAC system if needed.

Metal roofing is becoming more widely used in our area. There are many benefits to having a metal roof installed on your home. They withstand high winds, shed rain very effectively, and offer some of the best protection for your home. Metal roofs reduce heating costs by reflecting light rays. They last much longer than other materials such as wood or asphalt, which can be damaged in storms like hurricanes. They're lightweight, so you don't have to worry about them weighing down the structure of your house.

No matter what size home, budget, or style you're looking to achieve in your roofing project - we have the experts on staff who will be able to help. We provide all of our customers with a wide array of options when it comes down to picking out roofing materials and colors that work great for their individual needs. And if that isn't enough to convince you how easy this can be, then know there is exceptional customer service available as well! Give us a call today at 432-599-3414, so one of our professionals can get started right away!

Has your roof been checked lately?

It's essential to keep it in good condition so that during the next storm, you'll be safe.

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